Antonia is a mommy.

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Antonia is a mommy. Happy Birthday ! A new and happy life!
"Morena" Antonia Iacobescu has given birth Friday in a clinic from Italy to a little baby girl who will bear the name of Maya.

Maya's arrival in the world has taken place at a clinic in Italy where 21 years Antonia went to control early in pregnancy. The birth would cost Antonia about 10,000 Euro, being assisted by the best doctors of the clinic. "I trust the Italian doctors. I was there to control have treated me perfectly." says the future mother. She says she had an easy birth, without hassle. Neither his silhouette have suffered changes. In recent days, Antonia took advantage of the weather beeing so beautiful and she had fun with friends on a yacht in Italy. Antonia and Vincenzo, the artist's husband, are quite happy that they are parents now. Antonia Iacobescu is a Romanian origin beatiful singer that at the age of 5 years has gone living with his parents in the U.S.. Antonia sings from the age of 10 years and has been at music schools in USA. After returning with his family in Romania, she met Tom Boxer through a fitness trainer who heard her singing. Antonia and Tom staged the "Roses on Fire" which includes hits such as "Roses On Fire" and "Morena". When not in the studio or the club, Antonia takes care of her dog and her husband Vincenzo, who is the nephew of Joshua Castellano (one of the Bamboo club owners).
Now that Antonia is a mommy, Vincenzo must take care of everything.
Happy Birthday ! A new and happy life!