ZigZag Electric Vehicle

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ZigZag Three Wheeled Personal Electric Vehicle

Do you still remember your great great grandpa bicycle? This personal electric vehicle is inspired from those classic high wheel bicycles.
ZigZag three wheeled electric vehicle tries to answer the need for environmentally friendly transportation. The frame is made of aluminum alloy 6161 which is commonly used to produce lightweight products. The designers hope that this vehicle can satisfy the need of compact, functional, easy to use, and fun transportation for the future.

The users of this product would be initially people 15-40 years old, or people that need to use this product on for work to arrive fast and secure.
Thanks to the innovative design, ZigZag can be adapted according the measures of the user, the seat, footrest and handlebar can be regulated in angle and height. The product life cycle can be helped by the idea that can be adapted and added for other products or needs because it can be modified for the user’s needs.

Designer : Daniel Castillo B. and Camilo Parra P.