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63,000 people at the Festival Peninsula of Targu Mures

Approximately 63,000 people attended the Festival Peninsula of Targu Mures

Approximately 63,000 people attended the "Peninsula" Festival this year which was held from Thursday to Sunday in Targu Mures, the last day - when they played Korn, Above and Beyond, Zdob Zdub NOHA, Dub FX - being registered almost 20,000 spectators.

Participation in the "Peninsula" Festival this year exceeds the previous years except the 2007 edition, when they were between 85,000 and 90,000 people, but then the festival had five days.

The Director of the "Peninsula" Festival, Bodor László said Sunday that the festival has steadily increased the number of visitors each day.

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Alain Corneau died

French filmmaker Alain Corneau died

French filmmaker Alain Corneau, director of films "Fort Saganne" (1984) and "Nocturne Indien" (1989), died on Sunday night to Monday at the age of 67 years in a Paris hospital.

Passioned for American cinema, Alain Corneau was also producer and screenwriter.

In 2004, Alain Corneau was honored in France for his entire career.

In 1992, his feature film "All the mornings of the world / Tous les Matins du Monde", which presents the story of a violinist in the seventeenth century, played by Jean-Pierre Marielle, had a great public success and was awarded with the César prize for best film.

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2012 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS officially revealed

Seeing as how the four-door coupe market has exploded in the last few years, Mercedes-Benz, the creator of this niche with the old CLS, had a big task ahead of itself with the next generation CLS Class. It’s the second generation of the Three-Pointed Star’s four-door coupe and (compared to the stereotypically mild overhaul of some premium German cars) it boasts a refreshingly new look.

Antonia is a mommy.

Antonia is a mommy. Happy Birthday ! A new and happy life!
"Morena" Antonia Iacobescu has given birth Friday in a clinic from Italy to a little baby girl who will bear the name of Maya.

Bucharest maternity ward fire case

Nurse retained in Bucharest maternity ward fire case

A criminal investigation was launched against a nurse at the Giulești maternity ward in Bucharest, where a fire led to the death of several newborn babies last week, a chief prosecutor investigating the case announced on Monday.

He said the investigation took into account that the nurse was absent for about 12 minutes from the intensive care section a week ago, and the fire broke in the section during that period.

According to Romanian news agency Mediafax, nurse Florentina Cârstea was retained for 24 hours and faced hearings at the prosecutor general's office.

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Orgasm @ 8.000 rpm - BMW M3

Maybe the Best BMW video.

Hyundai ix35

Video: Hyundai ix35 advertising in Top Gear style

Korean car manufacturer has launched a Top Gear style video ad for Hyundai ix35. The advertisement will be aired in South Africa in which the famous presenters, Clarkson, Hammond and May, were replaced with a wild animal, a hamster and a turtle.

Instead of Top Gear Hyundai ix35 known as the Tucson, is presented in a show called Top Dear and the Korean SUV is driven around the circuit by the so called “The Stag. "

The video in Top Gear style for Hyundai ix35 is very well done, so if you want to start your day with a funny moment, watch the video.

See video
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Turcescu a părăsit Realitatea

Robert Turcescu a părăsit grupul Realitatea

Jurnalistul argeșean Robert Turcescu, cunoscut realizator TV și de radio la posturi naționale, a anunțat, luni, 16 august, pe blogul personal că parasește grupul Realitatea. El totodată a precizat că pentru el a sosit vremea să deschidă un alt capitol.

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Bucharest - the most expensive European capital regarding housing costs

Bucharest, Sofia and Warsaw are the most expensive capitals in Europe according to the average annual income of the population reported at housing costs, according to a study by market analysis company Polish Home Broker.

Firefox 4 Beta

Firefox 4 Beta e oficial

Cei de la Mozilla au lansat pe data de 6 Iulie pe blogul oficial prima versiune beta a lui Firefox 4. Aceasta reprezintă doar un preview al versiunii finale, care va fi mult mai îmbunătăţită privind viteza de navigare, suportul pentru HTML5 şi altele. De aceea, compania se bazează foarte mult pe feedback-ul primit de la utilizatori, pozitiv sau negativ, pentru a repara bug-urile existente în prezenta versiune.

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