Michael Douglas has advanced cancer

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The American actor Michael Douglas has advanced cancer

The American actor Michael Douglas has also kept alive with optimism and he is hoping to beat throat cancer with was diagnosed in August, although the disease is in stage IV already, which is the most advanced stage of disease.
Michael Douglas, aged 65, he found out after a biopsy that is suffering from disease in stage IV - this stage of disease is considered by the actor "intense."
Stage IV cancer has spread in the body far from the original tumor and usually is impossible to treat.
Actor Michael says that everyone is worried about the disease to not spread. Hopes are high. Chances of survival are good, around 80%. Thanks to certain hospitals and modern medicine, they have improved.
Michael Douglas says that the disease was caused by smoking and alcohol consumption. Actor Michael had neck pain and has undergone several medical tests in early summer, but, initially, doctors have found nothing. After the summer break, the actor, Michael decided to do a biopsy and tissue analysis indicated the sampled cancer.
Where radiotherapy and chemotherapy are not effective, Michael Douglas will be operated and will support a partial or total laryngectomy. Following such operations, the American actor could have a voice changed or could lose his voice completely.

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