A new way of saving energy

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INSIC Wall Socket Encourages You To Stop Wasting Energy

Have you ever wondered why your electricity bill jumps to the roof on particular months? Well, if you ever had this on your mind even for a second and you don’t feel that you used more electricity compared to other months but the bill says otherwise, you don’t have to think about this issue if you use INSIC.

It would be great if you could get INSIC wall socket that informs you how much energy you spend or waste, right ?

This wall socket quietly informs the users the amount of electricity they used, which will encourage the user to pull out the plug when not in use.

The idea of this design is based on the difference between recognition and ignorance.

We don’t have the information of how much electricity we spend, but if we have the information, we can spontaneously save the power.

Designer : Muhyeon Kim