Modern and Futuristic Interior Design

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Modern and Futuristic Interior Design of Villa F by Najjar & Najjar

This is the interior design of houses in Vienna, Austria. This house belongs to a young and successful IT entrepreneur.

The interior design was designed by Najjar & Najjar.
The owner often works at home and recipes his clients there, and he also loves Lamborghini and Macs design styles, that’s why the interior design was made with cutting edge technologies in mind, and this looks very modern.
Walls were break up to create the open space which connects the entrepreneur’s working space with a lounge area, a bar and a kitchen.
Many technical devices, such as screens are integrated in the custom furniture popping and turning out just by clicking the mouse of the notebook.

Floor, wall and ceiling are unified with the same material, corian, a composite of marble powder and fiberglass.
A huge aquarium with a delicately generated computer graphic marks a blue contrast in the white. LED lighting and sound systems are controlled from the computer, merging the digital world with the physical interior environment.