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The new BMW M4 - "Ultimate Racetrack"

Have you seen the new BMW M4 ? If not, you must!

As a successor to a line of four M3 coupés, at least two of which deserve to be lauded as true sporting greats, the M4 has quite a legend to live up to. But it’s also a total unknown.

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2012 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS officially revealed

Seeing as how the four-door coupe market has exploded in the last few years, Mercedes-Benz, the creator of this niche with the old CLS, had a big task ahead of itself with the next generation CLS Class. It’s the second generation of the Three-Pointed Star’s four-door coupe and (compared to the stereotypically mild overhaul of some premium German cars) it boasts a refreshingly new look.

Orgasm @ 8.000 rpm - BMW M3

Maybe the Best BMW video.

Hyundai ix35

Video: Hyundai ix35 advertising in Top Gear style

Korean car manufacturer has launched a Top Gear style video ad for Hyundai ix35. The advertisement will be aired in South Africa in which the famous presenters, Clarkson, Hammond and May, were replaced with a wild animal, a hamster and a turtle.

Instead of Top Gear Hyundai ix35 known as the Tucson, is presented in a show called Top Dear and the Korean SUV is driven around the circuit by the so called “The Stag. "

The video in Top Gear style for Hyundai ix35 is very well done, so if you want to start your day with a funny moment, watch the video.

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Chiar dacă în privinţa aspectului său au existat numeroase scurgeri de informaţii , iată că în data de 26 iulie 2010, modelul Audi A7 Sportback al anului 2011 a fost prezentat oficial de către producătorul german.

Noul model se pare că va concura cu asemănătoarele modele de coupe-uri cu 4 uşi cum ar fi Mercedes Benz CLS precum şi cu modelele de performanţă cu 5 uşi cum ar fi Porsche Panamera sau BMW Seria 5 Gran Turismo.

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Se lansează cea mai ieftină Skoda Felicia care ar putea fi noul rival al Loganului

Skoda va lansa în curând un urmaş pentru Skoda Octavia Tour, care se pare că va avea numele Skoda Felicia şi va apărea în 2012.

Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 2011

Iată cum arată Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 2011 ( First Promo)

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Noul BMW Seria 6 Coupe

Noul prototip BMW Seria 6 Coupe si Convertible F13 urmărit de G-Power BMW M3 SKII CS DKG | DCT

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